Class Parents

For individual classrooms, volunteer Class Parents serve as the liaison(s) with teachers to disseminate important information to the entire class.

Class Parents are the coordinators of support for your child's class. They help organize support for teachers and classroom activities as needed and facilitate a sense of community among the families. They strengthen communication between the school and the families. Class Parents can also provide a unified voice for the class to the teachers, so that parents collectively can have a say, without the teacher feeling overwhelmed by 25+ sets of parents asking the same question. If an individual parent has a specific concern about their child, they can and should speak directly with the teacher.

Being a Class Parent can feel like a lot of responsibility, so it is encouraged to have multiple class parents for each classroom. Most classes have 2 to 3 Class Parents, but please check with your child’s teacher(s) to see if they have a preference.

For additional insight on specific class parent duties, please contact, and the PTA can provide a full list of guidelines and responsibilities.