Remote Learning

Remote Learning - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child for their DOE ID, login and DOE issued email address so that they can access DOE platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom)

What do all remote students do on Monday?

Lower Grades: Look out for an email from your child’s teacher with the Zoom link for their morning meeting. No special accounts are needed to connect to teacher hosted Zoom meetings

We will be transitioning students to DOE issued gmail, Google Classroom and Zoom accounts but we don’t expect those to be fully up and running by Monday, 9/21.

Middle Grades: Families and Students will receive emails from their advisors/teachers before Monday with their schedules and links for next week’s advisories and classes. Teachers and advisors will help students get logged in to Google Classroom during class sessions and orient them to their new schedule. We do not expect that you will have Google Classroom and DOE accounts up and running by 9/21 without our support.

Will students coming from Arts & Letters continue using their gmail accounts?

No. We’re transitioning over to a new domain name, for now they will use jupiter ed and google classroom to communicate with their teachers.

What are the expectations for remote/zoom sessions?

Minimize Distractions:

  • Stay on mute if not speaking

  • Try to find a quiet spot away from TV, family, and music.

Actively participate:

  • Use non-verbal hand cues (agree, build on, etc.)

  • Be camera ready and show your face (teachers and advisors will support measures to create a safe space, equity, and empathy around this)

  • Participate in polls, activated signals, and other Zoom features as directed. \

Demonstrate Respect for the learning Space:

  • If chat is enabled, use it appropriately for learning (not for personal conversations with a friend)

  • All language and actions need to be respectful and promotive of others.

What kind of device will my child need for school?

PreK - 2 Any device that they can use for remote Wednesdays is fine. They will not need devices for in the building.

Grades 3 - 8 Students will need a tablet or laptop to access at home and on days they are in school. If you need a device, please let your child’s teacher know and/or register for a DOE issued IPAD using this link:

What do I do If I need technology for my student?

The City is providing devices for remote instruction. Please fill out the request form here:

Additionally, email your teacher and Mr. Sibirsky with your device needs.

What do I do if city issued tech is not working?

NYC DOE Service Desk at 718-935-5100. Hours are Monday – Friday 6AM to 5PM

or fill out the online form