Join the United Team!

Pending budget allocations, Arts and Letters 305 United expects to have openings for the following positions for the 2022-2023 school year.

  • Elementary classroom teachers

  • Special Education (multiple grades, multiple subjects)

  • Humanities, Arts, Science, Math (middle grades)

Our A&L 305 United School Community is centered around:

  • Student voice-We build and maintain a culture of active listening, reflection, feedback, student voice and generous collaboration. This exists in all aspects of our school culture including teaching and learning, curriculum and extracurricular opportunities.

  • Compassion and curiosity-Staff, students and families feel comfortable, cared for, challenged, trusted and have a strong connection to our community. Students and adults are both seen as lifelong learners.

  • Equity, inclusion & anti-racism-We are committed to cultivating a school culture that nurtures a positive identity and sense of belonging. One in which all children are invited into challenging and rigorous culturally responsive educational opportunities that help them appreciate their unique gifts and heritage. All members of our community engage in explicit anti-racist discussion and practice.

Ideal applicants will demonstrate:

  • Unwavering commitment to young people and to addressing their instructional and social needs through differentiation.

  • Ability/willingness to learn to integrate targeted skill instruction, rich investigations of essential questions, and culminating projects into instructional planning for heterogeneous classrooms.

  • Interest in collaborating with colleagues on instruction and school culture in teams.

  • Flexibility, comfort with self-reflection, and a problem-solving stance.

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.

  • A commitment to teaching as an act of antiracism.

  • Excitement for ongoing professional development.

  • Certification to teach in the NYC public schools.

To Apply: Please send resume and cover letter to